The Zoo

Ali and Rick
The zoo grew since we last wrote a family newsletter…

Jonathon brought a cat into the family. “Kazaam” was a snow white kitten when he first joined the family. He has grown into a beautiful cat with an attitude. (What cat doesn’t have an attitude?) His favorite things to do are cuddling with Susan and sneaking up and pouncing on Dave. He also enjoys attacking Jennifer when she comes to visit.

Jonathon returned for another semester at University of Tennessee and deemed that we had taken over the relationship with Kazaam. So he brought home a small boxer-beagle pup which he named Ali. She had big paws, so we knew we were in trouble. That’s her at the top of the page in her favorite pose — standing on her hind legs over the kitchen gate, looking into the family room to try and get attention and another snack. Ali loves to play with Kazaam. They are best friends and have daily wrestling matches. It is pretty hilarious. Ali also views her role as keeping Starbuck young. She grabs him by the tail and starts to pull him or puts one paw on his back and pushes him down. That starts the fun. Starbuck may be deaf, yet he knows how to howl and chases Ali (exactly what she wanted) and the game is on. No such thing as “a quiet night” in the Jaworski household. Ali is planning to make the move to the Pacific Northwest with Jonathon this month.

The zoo is going strong!…

In addition to Ali and Kazaam, Starbuck (our 13 year old beagle), Riley Grace (our 3 year old cocker), Justin (our 11 year old cockatiel), and Batman and Robin (Amanda’s 4 year old turtles that currently reside with us) keep the indoor zoo on quite a schedule. As if that isn’t enough, we get regular visits in the yard from deer (Susan has her favorite female deer “Fiona” (pictured “hiding” below.) The deer respond to her voice and come closer when she comes out versus running away), raccoons, possums, and even turkeys! Susan has named two of the male turkeys “Chester and Wally”. They disappear around Thanksgiving and then come back a few weeks later after coming out of hiding. Chester and Wally run right up to Susan and stand within a foot or two of her while she puts out seed for them.

The zoo also shrank since the last family newsletter…

Sarah’s final University project in psychology involved training a rat. At the end of the project they either took the rats home or the school would “get rid” of them. Being a home filled with animal lovers, “Penny” became a family addition. Penny died last month. She lived a wonderful life and was thankful for Sarah taking her in, and Susan’s kindness in becoming her primary care-taker over the last year.

Kazam and Justin
Kazaam and Justin – Like Sylvester and Tweety
Baby Bunnies
Susan saved the lives of these baby rabbits in our back yard from the rising waters in the May Nashville flood
Deer hiding
Deer hiding from us in our backyard
Batman and Robin
Batman and Robin are the family vegetarians. They crave salads every day. (Batman is the larger of the two.)
Sarah, Starbuck and Riley
Starbuck and Riley Grace love road trips.
Starbuck 2010
Starbuck may be deaf, but his nose and appetite still work great! He pulled a full chicken breast from a guests plate during a Christmas gathering.
Chandler and kids
Chandler plays well with kids? Who knew? (Amanda is an amazing trainer!)

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