The Truth About You

I recently finished reading “The Truth About You: Your Secret To Success”. Marcus Buckingham, the author, is compelling. He has dedicated his life to helping people put their strengths to work. Marcus calls this a “toolkit” versus a book. And that it is. You start with a 20 minute DVD, read the included book, and then, while going through the book, use the “ReMemo Pad” that comes with the package to find your true strengths and to identify those things that steal your energy away.

This book is a call to action. So often we hear we need to work on our weaknesses. Marcus’ approach is to work on our strengths and to find ways to spend more time on them every day. Weaknesses or “energy thieves” as some would call them, need to be understood. Yet, Marcus would argue, we are often encouraged to focus our time on them versus our strengths.

Over the years I have read almost every major author in the category of personal growth and improvement. There are only a few that have offered multimedia experiences. I even built an interactive CD program called “Unlocking Our Potential” with Bill Meyer back in the mid-90’s. We learn better when we use more senses. The Truth About You “toolkit” helps us do that. Weeks after I read the book I could easily recall parts of it thanks to the multi-faceted approach.

This book does not present rocket science. If you are looking for deep puzzles and intricate psychology, look elsewhere. It is a pragmatic tool for helping you take the time to identify your strengths and to do a self-check — are you in a place that let’s you do the things you love with the people you love or are you in a dead-end place that drains the energy from your body as soon as you walk in the door. Or are you somewhere in between, longing for the passion you see others enjoying in their work?

With the challenging economy we are all facing, this book is timely. I feel blessed to do work that I feel called to do and that includes so many aspects that truly energize me. According to Marcus, only 20% of us are in positions that play to our strengths. That suggests that 80% of us can benefit from his book. He’s probably right.

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