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The Power of Technology to Save an Outbreak of Ebola

Technology brings us many capabilities. Arguably one of the most powerful uses is improving communication. That means getting better information out and getting it out faster.

Like any power, it can be used for good or bad. For an example of some good and mostly bad I recommend reading: “Trust Me I’m Lying” by Ryan Holiday. (Affiliate link by clicking on the picture.) I recently completed this book and it truly plumbs the depths of our blog and social media world and how it can be harnessed to move mountains — whether or not the mountains should be moved.

fatu-300x168On the “good use of technology” side, our world is facing challenging health issues — How do you control the outbreak of Ebola? Communication is a key element of the solution. Fast information sharing is critical.

Ebola is killing thousands and has now jumped the ocean to North America. It is not only spreading as a disease, but as fear. A little bit of information can go a long way to helping a tragic situation. Through trusted networks we can help get positive and helpful information to each other and, through the wonders of great search engines, others can then find it as well. To that end, the DENT Conference team circulated an article today that shared how a 22 year old reduced the Ebola death rate from its normal 70% to 25% in her family. Still tragic. Yet truly life changing at the same time. It is a great read and provides quick education and facts that may be helpful to someone you know.

I got into technology in the first place when I saw the positive benefits that technology was bringing to people with temporary and permanent disabilities to communicate. This important research was being done by MBA students at the University of Manitoba. It changed my career path. In our connected world, the power of technology to improve communications is indeed life changing.

How do you use technology to improve communication and lives? Please share with us via the comments below.

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