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The Power of LIVE Music!

My friend Elliott Cunningham of Westgate Marketing writes about the health of the music industry in his blog today. USA Today also covers the topic: Bands Warm Up for a Busy Summer on the Road. And the news of Michael Jackson’s death and the impact this has on the fortunes of the touring companies with his comeback tour’s cancellation and the possible addition of the Jackson family doing a tribute tour has everyone thinking and talking “LIVE!”

Bonnaroo bus
The Bonnaroo Bus brings fans from Indiana to Manchester, TN
Fans enjoy being part of the Moonalice Tribe (Moonaliceband.com)

Live performance is one of the healthiest segments of the music industry. Summer blossoms festivals of all types from Bonnaroo to Creation to Folk Festivals to country music’s CMA Fest and more. And the live music scene at clubs and other venues around the country is growing. A recording is great. Seeing the artists you love in person can’t be beat. And seeing them under the stars… priceless.

Which tours and festivals will you catch this summer?

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