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The Concert of The Future… Now

You are “always on.” Always connected. If you’re not yet, you soon will be.

We recently launched our “Concert of the Future” initiative with a performance by Brad Paisley at the MTS Centre in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. The Concert of the Future extends a two hour concert to a rich, three- to four-hour experience. And it lets you take elements of the concert home.

Our goal: create more opportunities for passionate fans and performing artists to connect. Artists get email addresses for fans and additional revenue opportunities. Fans get access to unique content and a closer tie to the artists they love.

Video, photos, and artist interviews are recorded as the band arrives and sets up the event. These are then made available over a wireless connection. The arena has Internet cabling throughout, so making the venue “hot” using WiFi (802.11g) was simple. Anyone with a WiFi-enabled device could connect. This local “behind the scenes” content is unique to each event, even if the set list is the same from show to show.

For those of you not familiar with Brad Paisley, he has sold over 6 million copies of his latest album, Time Well Wasted, his fourth and most successful release to date. Few artists in any genre are selling six million copies of an album today.

The MTS Centre is one of the finest new concert arenas in the world. Since its 2005 opening, Winnipeg’s new arena has jumped to #20 in the world according to Pollstar, beating out arenas like L.A.’s Staples Center. Every seat has cloth on it, so even when the venue is not full, there’s less of the “boominess” you may have experienced at arena concerts.

We worked with Brad’s Manager to gain support for the Concert of the Future event, and Mark Chipman, Chairman of the MTS Centre, to ensure we could provide the services needed. We are thankful to Brad Paisley’s management team and the MTS Centre team for all their support!

The technology demonstration worked flawlessly. You can take a look at a short video about the Concert of the Future here:


Your phone and music devices are being enabled for “always on” connectivity and great stereo media experiences. Today fewer than 5% of mobile phones can play stereo music. This is projected to grow to over 95% in the next 18 to 24 months! Fewer than 1% of today’s MP3 players are WiFi-enabled, and this too will jump dramatically in the next two years. The Concert of the Future initiative taps into this new capacity, to help venue operators and artists develop closer connections with their fans, to give fans unique content to enjoy and share, and to make every concert experience more rewarding.

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