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Technology’s Version of Disney Imagineering

I am thrilled to announce I have rejoined Microsoft!!

I spent ten years at Microsoft earlier in my career.

Microsoft is doing great innovative work under the leadership of Satya Nadella. Microsoft has recently created my dream position… it aligns so perfectly with what I love doing… With great joy, I am back at Microsoft!

When I was a child, I thought the greatest career in the world was being a member of Walt Disney’s elite Imagineering team. When I went through Lifebook’s comprehensive life planning program several years ago, I even put the creative version of the Disney Org Chart in my Lifebook. To the present day, it still represents the perfect merging of enterprise strategy, creativity and innovation to create unique and treasured experiences.

My friend, Lloyd Wilhelms, called me up and said “I just saw the perfect opportunity for you!” He emailed me a link to the new “Digital Advisor” position Microsoft had created. The description sounded like the tech equivalent of Disney Imagineering…

“Are you ready to seize an opportunity to work with Microsoft’s most established customers, advising and supporting their executives with the planning and realization of key digital transformation initiatives focused on the value created with digital technologies?”

As I kept reading, the words leapt off the page. I felt the energy of my childhood aspirations surging inside me.

“As a Digital Advisor, you will guide organizations to create an aspirational plan that formalizes their digital vision.”



You can read more about Microsoft’s Digital Advisory Services here.

The descriptions above are abbreviated and capture just a few of the many points that captured my heart and mind. I am thrilled to be back at Microsoft and working with a team of creative, innovative and passionate people!

4 thoughts on “Technology’s Version of Disney Imagineering

  1. Congratulations Dave!!

    Great opportunity for you. Excited to see you back at Microsoft and to showcase your skills. A WIN-WIN for Microsoft and you.

    Wish you much success.

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