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My favorite iPad apps

As many people are purchasing the iPad 2, it’s time for an update to my list of favorite iPad applications! Where possible, select the iPad version when there is one available (versus iPod or iPhone version.) First – The Top 10 List! 1 ) The Holy Bible – Search “YouVersion” – This program includes translations/versions ... Read More

Twitter Tips

Several people commented online and offline on the Twitter article last week. To those “veteran” Twitter users, the question has been raised, “Where do I go to get advanced ideas regarding Twitter?”  Michael Hyatt sent out a link in his Twitter feed this weekend that led me to a winner… TwiTip. Edited by ProBlogger’s Darren Rowse, TwiTip ... Read More

Back to Blogging. Continuing to Tweet.

I have been experimenting with Twitter and other social networking tools for some time now. And I have not been a frequent blogger for many months. In fact, Twitter serves as a “micro-blogging” tool, so I suppose I have been blogging… just nothing more than 140 characters at a time. Yet some thoughts require more ... Read More