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My favorite iPad apps

As many people are purchasing the iPad 2, it’s time for an update to my list of favorite iPad applications! Where possible, select the iPad version when there is one available (versus iPod or iPhone version.) First – The Top 10 List! 1 ) The Holy Bible – Search “YouVersion” – This program includes translations/versions ... Read More

Apple’s iPad or Microsoft Surface or ???

Thanks to my friend Sampson, I had the opportunity to see how a tech wiz is putting Apple’s iPad to work. I left our coffee meeting this week with many ideas and reflections on the device that has captured the media’s attention and has already led 700,000+ people to part with their hard earned cash. ... Read More

iPad gets a failing grade even before it ships

The reasons iPad gets a failing grade even before the units start to ship are piling up… Gizmodo does a nice job of summarizing the top reasons Apple gets a #fail on V1 of the iPad: http://i.gizmodo.com/5458382/8-things-that-suck-about-the-ipad   The joke on Microsoft used to be that they never get anything right until V3. Will Apple ... Read More

Living in the Cloud – Part Two

I love living life in the cloud. Now that I have located my office here, as long as I have access to a Mac or PC, I can access all critical information for my personal and professional life. EverNote (http://www.evernote.com) – An amazing note-taking application that works on the web, PC, Mac and even the ... Read More
Moving My Office to the Cloud

Moving My Office to the Cloud

Over the past several years I have been moving more and more of my life into the cloud. Not familiar with the term?… The “cloud” is the Internet. Hosting applications and your data on servers that you will probably never see versus an internal IT department or computers in your home is living in the ... Read More