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GoTenna : How will you communicate when cellular is out?

GoTenna : How will you communicate when cellular is out?

Yes, I love technology. This is cool. Using the way radio waves travel to create a personal messaging network to cover up to 50 miles… with no cell towers or wifi(!!!)… This is not only cool for disaster situations, hiking, skiing, inside large centers where cell service is limited, etc… it can be great if you travel outside ... Read More

A new kind of Prophet… In fact, several of them… Internet Prophets

I am attending Steve Olsher’s “InternetProphetsLive” in Chicago. Brendon Burchard, Vishen Lakhiani – founder of Mind Valley, Jake Nickell – founder of threadless, Pam Hendrickson – former Tony Robbins leader, Mike Koenigs, Joel Comm, and more! Amazing list of speakers. And Lifebook is one of the sponsors of the event. What a privilege to be in the ... Read More

Don’t Touch That Phone!

I was visiting with my daughter and son-in-law yesterday. They shared a creative approach to having personal time not get usurped by our technology devices. We’ve all seen this happen… You get together with family or friends. And everyone is on their phones posting social media updates, texting, etc. and essentially not paying attention to ... Read More

Trello releases iPad version

Trello has released an update to their app that makes it a true iPad app versus just a scaled up iPhone version! WooHoo! If you are a fan of Trello, it’s time to click on that App Store update!

Game Changer

Games changing the world… Sounds like my son Jonathon and my wife Susan’s passion! Cool video. http://lnkd.in/CVFW2s “The word ‘games’ is limiting us…we’re doing something bigger.” Asi Burak, Games for Change