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Forecast 2008

Happy New Year! 2007 will go down as the year of the “Falling of the Berlin Wall” — the industry’s formal movement to embrace and support MP3 files without digital rights management (DRM). PassAlong Networks is proud to have taken the first bricks out of the wall, leading in this cataclysmic event that will forever change the landscape of digital ... Read More

The Future of Music (Electronica)

Microsoft recently demonstrated their new surface computing initiative. Microsoft Surface interacts with items you place on a table. The table is effective the display for a computer and has multiple cameras so it can “see” and interact with items placed on it. Apple’s iPhone let’s you move and manipulate pictures and web pages with simple ... Read More
Freedom for the Kleenex® of Music Formats

Freedom for the Kleenex® of Music Formats

What does Kleenex® have to do with music? Pretty simple, really. That ® symbol identifies Kleenex as a brand name, but for most people, it means disposable tissue. Today, for most people, the term MP3 is interchangeable with “music file.” A WMA file is not an MP3 file. This may be news to only a ... Read More

A Perfect Storm

A perfect storm is brewing in the music industry. Where we live in Tennessee that means lightning, thunder, and the possibility of tornadoes. In the music industry it means anxious artists, passionate fans, and the total rewriting of all the rules for the industry itself. “Honey, where’s Toto? I think we’re in for the big ... Read More

Paradigm Schmaradigm: Rehearsing the Past

Don’t be surprised. You are reading a book and you already know how it turns out. That’s right. We are replaying history. Again and again and again. Like Bill Murray’s character in the film Groundhog Day, sometimes it takes us a little while to realize we can change and that change can be good.   ... Read More