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Going Green

No, this isn’t about being eco-friendly. It is about March 17. Bringing back a personal favorite post… St. Patrick wasn’t Irish. Who knew! For one day we can all be honorary Irish and “go green”. St. Patrick wasn’t Irish?

Two By Two

If you are not a software developer, I encourage you to read this post anyways. Stick with me and I’ll do my best to make it worth your while… Software development is better when two developers work together. Called “pair programming”, the agile software development practice literally has two developers on the same computer. Blockages ... Read More
Awesome Christmas!

Awesome Christmas!

This was a fantastic Christmas for our family other than my parents not being able to travel to be with us. Susan’s Mom and Amanda and Chris from Seattle joined the Nashville crew for a great celebration. Cecilia Therese meeting with her namesake, Susan’s Mom, Therese “Omi” This is Cecilia’s First Christmas and she celebrated ... Read More
Apple Watch, Microsoft Band – Why would you want one?

Apple Watch, Microsoft Band – Why would you want one?

Apple, Microsoft, Fitbit, Garmin… everyone wants us to be connected and measured by their device. Why would you want one? Why do I love them? For those into exercise, the measurement of our workouts and even passive movement is often reason alone. I won’t take the time to justify or debate that here. The benefits ... Read More