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BusyLife now supports Tablets and Smartphones

BusyLife now supports Tablets and Smartphones

BusyLife can now be used with Tablets and Smartphones! BusyLife now uses checkboxes for selecting Notebooks from Evernote. It also shows all Notebooks versus making you scroll inside a smaller window. This makes it easy to use BusyLife on your phone or tablet. We hope you like the change! Thank you to all who voted for ... Read More
BusyLife is birthed in the Evernote DevCup competition!

BusyLife is birthed in the Evernote DevCup competition!

BusyLife™ – Helping you manage your busy personal and professional life BusyLife has been entered in the Evernote Developer Cup! I hope you’ll check it out. In the coming weeks I will be sharing the many uses of BusyLife, including applications for individuals and teams.

Smelly Battery Gives 10X the Energy

We rely on batteries for our phones, tablets, PC’s and more. New research has found a way to make a battery that will last 10X as long as today’s batteries. The new batteries use a combination of lithium and sulphur. (Any time I hear “sulphur” I recall the stink bombs that classmates used to bring ... Read More

My favorite iPad apps

As many people are purchasing the iPad 2, it’s time for an update to my list of favorite iPad applications! Where possible, select the iPad version when there is one available (versus iPod or iPhone version.) First – The Top 10 List! 1 ) The Holy Bible – Search “YouVersion” – This program includes translations/versions ... Read More

Apple’s iPad or Microsoft Surface or ???

Thanks to my friend Sampson, I had the opportunity to see how a tech wiz is putting Apple’s iPad to work. I left our coffee meeting this week with many ideas and reflections on the device that has captured the media’s attention and has already led 700,000+ people to part with their hard earned cash. ... Read More