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Fujitsu and the iPad – “Even we beat MadTV”

As I reported yesterday, Apple’s iPad branding was beat to market in 2006 by MadTV (Article: http://laughingsquid.com/mad-tv-ipad-parody-2006/) Apple’s iPad was actually beat by Fujitsu. The Fujitsu iPad was branded in 2003. Regardless, Apple released their product anyways. Full story here: http://www.engadget.com/2010/01/28/apple-and-fujitsu-inevitably-caught-up-in-ipad-trademark-dispute/ So far the legal dispute has remained between Apple and Fujitsu. As a result, ... Read More

It’s All Fun

Too often we all take ourselves too seriously. In these crazy times it’s fun to see artists understanding that they not only provide us with great music… a concert can be that much more enjoyable (and a stress reliever) when we get to be in on the prank. Hats off to Taylor Swift as she ... Read More
Attack of the killer lady bugs

Attack of the killer lady bugs

Since moving to Franklin, Tennessee we have had many guests come to visit from all over North America. Susan has an incredible gift of hospitality and we do love to have friends and family over. Our home has even more room now that our children are off to college and beyond. Yet one guest, until ... Read More

The Band

I started playing “live” as the rhythm guitarist for our Church’s folk music group. Bob Dylan music and a Young Life song book provided much of the inspiration for the selections.   Soon thereafter I formed a band to play the music we were hearing on the radio. Phil, Gord, John, Wayne, and I became ... Read More