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Smelly Battery Gives 10X the Energy

We rely on batteries for our phones, tablets, PC’s and more. New research has found a way to make a battery that will last 10X as long as today’s batteries. The new batteries use a combination of lithium and sulphur. (Any time I hear “sulphur” I recall the stink bombs that classmates used to bring ... Read More
10 Lessons Learned in the Rear View Mirror

10 Lessons Learned in the Rear View Mirror

History is not a definitive predictor of the future. At the same time, we can learn from history – ours and others. Let’s start the dialog on moving forward by first taking a look in the rear view mirror… In 2001 and 2002 the consumer was already speaking. They wanted their digital music to be ... Read More

Looking Forward

This is a great time to be looking forward. Over the coming weeks I want to share some of the insights and opportunities I am seeing in the marketplace with a focus on technology, music and media. I am also going to present new changes in technology that make the way in which we connect ... Read More