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Living in the Cloud – Part Two

I love living life in the cloud. Now that I have located my office here, as long as I have access to a Mac or PC, I can access all critical information for my personal and professional life. EverNote (http://www.evernote.com) – An amazing note-taking application that works on the web, PC, Mac and even the ... Read More
Moving My Office to the Cloud

Moving My Office to the Cloud

Over the past several years I have been moving more and more of my life into the cloud. Not familiar with the term?… The “cloud” is the Internet. Hosting applications and your data on servers that you will probably never see versus an internal IT department or computers in your home is living in the ... Read More

The Future of Music (Electronica)

Microsoft recently demonstrated their new surface computing initiative. Microsoft Surface interacts with items you place on a table. The table is effective the display for a computer and has multiple cameras so it can “see” and interact with items placed on it. Apple’s iPhone let’s you move and manipulate pictures and web pages with simple ... Read More

The Amazing Slow Downer

This blog is for everyone who plays an instrument and who stands in awe of the great players. I play guitar and appreciate great guitar music in many styles and genres. I am awed by masters of the craft like Phil Keaggy, Eric Johnson, Steve Vai, Brad Paisley, Brent Mason, Stanley Jordan and so many ... Read More

Non-DRM versus MP3

Steve Jobs recently announced with EMI that he is making EMI’s entire catalog available in “non-DRM (digital rights management) format” and is doing so for the low extra price of $0.30 a track. So for $1.29 you get a song at iTunes with no DRM on it. The announcement implies that this change is a ... Read More