Two By Two

If you are not a software developer, I encourage you to read this post anyways. Stick with me and I’ll do my best to make it worth your while… Software development is better when two developers work together. Called “pair programming”, the agile software development practice literally has two developers on the same computer. Blockages ... Read More
Why I Love Trello!

Why I Love Trello!

Trello is my favorite project management tool. It presents a visual board of cards. Cards can be organized into columns. You can move cards up and down a column. I do so to indicate priority. You can move cards from one column to any other column. I do so to indicate process flow. Set up ... Read More

Join Us in Green Bay on July 14

To all my friends in the Green Bay, Wisconsin area, Joe Simon, Jeff Lockert and I will be hosting the “Big Win” Workshop on July 14 just around the corner from Lambeau field. I will be releasing my book, “Microsoft Secrets: An Insider’s View of the Rocket Ride from Worst to First” to the attendees ... Read More

Microsoft… Writing the Book

I often receive requests to share Microsoft experiences and stories. Over the past year, as more and more books about Steve Jobs have been released, I have also shared my personal experiences and interactions with Steve. And the requests have become more and more frequent… “You should write a book!” Recently that type of request ... Read More