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Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving! We celebrate twice a year in our household. Once in October along with our friends from Canada. And once in November along with all our friends in the United States. Wherever you are, I wish you the best. We all have so much to be thankful for. I hope this is a time ... Read More

Hurricane Sandy impacting Trello

Hurricane Sandy has resulted in power being turned off to parts of lower Manhattan. Trello is hosted at a data center there. They are back up and running on diesel power, however the supply lines are not operational due to the power outage. If you use BusyLife and sync with Trello, please be aware that ... Read More
Decisions Decisions

Decisions Decisions

One important trait of great leaders is decisiveness. Good decisions move you forward. Bad decisions do not. In the early days of microcomputers, I recall a former Ernst & Young Executive leader stating that computer technology would have a profound impact on businesses and the decisions they make… and not all would be good. The ... Read More

Join Kelli Richards and I this Monday on Blog Talk Radio

Kelli Richards has asked me to join her on blog talk radio this Monday at 5pm Pacific. I have worked with and known Kelli for many years. She is a gifted person. Here is a little bit of her background. One page cannot do her resume justice. In addition to helping us publish two books ... Read More
BusyLife now supports Tablets and Smartphones

BusyLife now supports Tablets and Smartphones

BusyLife can now be used with Tablets and Smartphones! BusyLife now uses checkboxes for selecting Notebooks from Evernote. It also shows all Notebooks versus making you scroll inside a smaller window. This makes it easy to use BusyLife on your phone or tablet. We hope you like the change! Thank you to all who voted for ... Read More