St. Patrick wasn’t Irish?

St. Patrick

Yes. It’s true. St. Patrick, the patron Saint of Ireland that we celebrate today by wearing green and consuming green beverages. That St. Patrick. Wasn’t Irish.

The truth is actually pretty awesome.

Patrick was born in Scotland. His parents were British under the control of Romans at the time. When Patrick was a young boy he was captured by the Irish and made a slave. During his captivity he turned to God.

Patrick remained a slave for approximately six years. When he was 20 he escaped after God gave him a message in a dream. He returned to England and was reunited with his family.

Now for the awesome part.

God gave him another dream, calling him back to Ireland.

Patrick became a priest and later a Bishop. And he was sent to Ireland. Back to the land where he was a slave… and he went and had incredible impact on the country and, through his work, the world. Centuries later we still recall this incredible man and his walk of faith. He was not bitter to the people and place of his enslavement. Rather he showed forgiveness and love. And his life became an example for us all.

Happy St. Patrick’s day! May you live, forgive and love (and wear green) on this fine day!

(You can enjoy more of St. Patrick’s full story here.)


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