Road Trip with Jonathon!

I will always treasure the time just enjoyed with Jonathon as we took our road trip from Nashville to Seattle and then up to Surrey, BC. He is exploring options for the next step in life’s journey.

It was so good to have time with family and relatives – Sarah and John, and Amanda and Chris, and Janelle and Darrell and Temprance, and Michael and Mary Jane. Blessings to all of you and the friends visited along the way as well!

Jonathon and I are thankful to God for safe travels including safety through two snow storms. Including Susan andI traveling to Winnipeg, I logged over 5600 miles of road travel in the past month! Whew! That is probably the first month in many years where I did more road miles than air miles. No wonder I slept so soundly last night.

And now I am thankful to be home and working with Susan, Jennifer and David on our home (getting it ready for the market.)

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