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Real Time versus ??? – Why would you want your data any other way?

Imagine wanting to know the news or an update on your favorite sports team and being told that you must wait until tomorrow, even though the game is on now. That would be the time to find a new news supplier.

Given the choice between getting updates that are important to you in real time versus requiring you to wait a day seems like a silly choice to have to make in this day and age of technology. Yet that is exactly the choice that many businesses are required to make with software solutions in the market today. Some solutions that do not offer real time updates go so far as to justify it with arguments as to why you do not want your data updated in real time. Ridiculous. The importance of real time data discusses several reasons why real time is the only time.

For most Direct Selling companies, especially those not using an autoship, the majority of orders come in the last few days of the month. The field sales force wants to know exactly where they stand and what is needed to maximize their pay and status for the month… waiting is not an option.

The same reasons that have made real time news updates (think Twitter, Facebook and your community’s online news site) so much more popular than “batch” updates from a physical newspaper are even more important for your sales software solution.

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