My favorite iPad apps

As many people are purchasing the iPad 2, it’s time for an update to my list of favorite iPad applications! Where possible, select the iPad version when there is one available (versus iPod or iPhone version.)

First – The Top 10 List!

1 ) The Holy Bible – Search “YouVersion” – This program includes translations/versions of the Bible that you can read while you are offline.

2 ) – Audio Bible with text as well

3 ) Evernote: Let’s you take notes and sync them to any machine with Evernote. (Free; Paid “professional” version is approx $40 and gives you a few more capabilities.) A large benefit over other options is the ability to work offline. I love Evernote and use it on my phone, iPad and computer.

4 ) iThoughtsHD – MindMapping ($9.99)

Note: It can sync with XMind – an excellent PC and Mac mind mapping tool (Free at via DropBox. (DropBox info is noted above.)

5 ) Multi G – Access multiple Gmail accounts and quickly switch between them. (Free)

6 ) Reeder – If you track RSS feeds in Google you can sync and read them offline in Reeder. It is easier than ever to keep up with all my favorite blogs and web sites with Reeder. ($4.99)

7 ) Dropbox – Set this up on your iPad and on your computer. Then you can simply move a file to your Dropbox on your computer and it will be accessible on your iPad. (Free)

8 ) The Weather Channel – Great iPad app for accessing the weather forecast. And it includes weather warning alerts. (Free)

9 ) Dragon Dictation – Speak and your words are instantly typed out for you. Then you easily copy/paste to email, text message or other. (Free)

10 ) Jump Desktop – Remotely access your PC or Mac. I have tried almost all of the remote desktop applications and this is my favorite. Great mouse control. Fast service. And easy access to any/all of your computers with the install of Jump’s free locator for your PC or Mac. ($19.99)


Those are my Top 10. Yet I have even more than 10 apps that I use regularly… Here is the list that rounds out my Top 50…


11 ) Kindle – Read your Kindle books on the iPad and sync to the latest place read from your Kindle Reader or your computer. (Free)

12 ) Air Display – Use your iPad as an external monitor for your laptop over wifi. ($9.99)

13 ) Google Voice – Gives you quick access to all Google apps. (Free)

14 ) Web Albums – View photos in your Picasa library, upload, edit and share with others and see all albums shared with you all in this great app ($2.99)

15 ) Twitter – The best Twitter client? Twitter by Twitter! Don’t bother with any of the third party Twitter apps. Use the best one made by the folks at The iPad application is better than their desktop application or any of the phone applications in my opinion. (Free)

16 ) Gist – If you work in sales and marketing or simply want to keep up with your personal and professional friends, Gist is an awesome tool. Note: Gist was recently acquired by RIM – Makers of the popular Blackberry devices. (Free)

17 ) Skype – Skype is great for talking and chatting with co-workers, clients, friends and family. And if you travel internationally, put a few dollars in your Skype account and use Skype as your international phone in any wifi area. (Free)

18 ) ReaddleDocs – Let’s you access documents in Google Docs easily as well as DropBox, emails and much more. Includes PDF mark up capabilities. ($4.99)

19 ) Reunion – I use Reunion for working on our family tree. The iPad version syncs with the Mac desktop version. It is even easier to crop photos on your iPad in Reunion than it is on the Mac. ($14.99)

20 ) ESPN XL – ESPN Sports News in a great iPad application (Free)

21 ) SportsTap – Sports news (Free)

22 ) NPR – National Public Radio programs (Free)

23 ) New York Times Editor’s Choice (Free)

24 ) USA Today (Free)

25 ) SkyGrid – Top news from around the world (Free)

26 ) Flipboard – News and more in a nice visual format (Free)

27 ) The Guardian Eyewitness – Great photos from around the world (Free)

28 ) Mashable! – Tech news (Free)

29 ) Pandora – Streaming Internet Radio – Provide a seed song or artist and they take it from there. (Free)

30 ) Flixster – Information including theatre times on the latest movies (Free)

31 ) Netflix – Watch movies on your iPad (Requires a Netflix subscription)

32 ) ABC Player – Streamed ABC Television Content on demand (Free)

33 ) GoToMeeting – Let’s you sign into shared GoToMeeting sessions (we use GoToMeeting for shared screen presentations) (Free)

34 ) WebEx – Let’s you sign into shared WebEx sessions (Like GoToMeeting, many companies use Webex for shared screen presentations) (Free)

35 ) Urbanspoon – Restaurant Guide (Free)

36 ) OpenTable – Restaurant Guide and Restaurant Booking (Free)

37 ) Epicurious – Recipes (Free)

38 ) AllRecipes (Free)

39 ) Betty Crocker Cookbook (Free)

40 ) iLanguageTranslator (Free)

41 ) Cultures – Tips on world cultures. (Free)

42 ) textPlus – Send text messages from your iPad. (Free)

43 ) Instapaper – Add Instapaper link to your browser on your Mac. Click it the Instapaper link when you are looking at a page you want to read later. Store it and Read it on your iPad. ($4.99)

44 ) TEDPlayer – TED Conference Talks on demand (Free)

45 ) Keynote – Apple’s presentation software ($9.99)

46 ) Pages – Apple’s word processing software ($9.99)

47 ) Numbers – Apple’s spreadsheet software ($9.99)

48 ) XFINITY TV – Are you a Comcast XFINITY TV customer? The TV channel guide and built-in filtering (HD only, Sports only, etc.) makes your iPad the best remote for your TV. And on top of that, you can set your DVR right from your iPad, even if you are in another location. (Free)

49 ) Starbucks – Find any Starbucks location (Free)

50 ) Mobile Card for Starbucks – Manage your Starbucks card and check your balance (Free)

51 ) VEVO HD – Watch videos from your favorite bands (Free)

A long list with many great apps. Enjoy!

One thought on “My favorite iPad apps

  1. I love looking at peoples favorite apps for ideas to download to mine and this list has more than a few that I’ll be downloading tonight. Thanks for the ideas! I do have a most favorite iPad app right now on my pad and it’s my DISH Remote Access app from my TV provider/employer DISH Network. With my Sling Adapter hooked up at home I’m able to “sling” all of my subscribed programming live or recorded to my iPad anywhere I go in the world just as long as I have a working 3G or WiFi connection. It’s really cool, and a great way to waste some time when bored. My Adapter cost me $99, but those who purchase one through DISH now can practically get it for free. 🙂

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