Mission: Impact

I am fortunate in that music has always remained an important part of my life while my career in technology continued to grow. Today I can truly say that the road I have traveled is one that has brought both of these passions together for me.


I have been fan, writer, performer, producer, engineer, promoter, DJ, … experiencing all sides of the music industry from commercial music to independent music and from major arena to coffee house. I’ve played for audiences over 15,000 strong and for an audience of one.


On the technology side I have had an equally expansive experience including designing systems and writing code for mainframe systems to today’s personal computers, serving in sales and marketing, and working for large corporations and small start-ups. I was blessed to be at Microsoft in 1985 (pre-public) through 1993 and contributed to Microsoft’s growth from small technology company to leader in every major application and operating system software area. I have lived in small and large city in the United States and Canada, and now reside in “Music City” – Nashville, Tennessee. 


I am as passionate today about music, media, and technology as I ever have been. I see so much potential for media to have a positive impact in our lives. And I see the technologies that are emerging as providing more and more ways for us to do so. I remain a fan and an artist. The team I am blessed to work with at PassAlong Networks is equally passionate and has more impressive backgrounds than my own. We seek to impact culture via media and technology.


We believe that we live in a time that has more opportunity than ever before for music and media to impact our world. We believe that, in achieving this impact, technology and media are joined at the hip. They leverage each other to provide new benefits and opportunities for artist and fan and to connect the two together in ways that have not been possible in the past.


Whether you are a passionate music consumer, an artist, or a casual fan, we hope that our efforts bear fruit for you. In coming writings I will explore the many facets of the industry and will detail the opportunities ahead for all who participate – fan and artist alike.

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