Microsoft… Writing the Book

I often receive requests to share Microsoft experiences and stories. Over the past year, as more and more books about Steve Jobs have been released, I have also shared my personal experiences and interactions with Steve. And the requests have become more and more frequent… “You should write a book!” Recently that type of request turned into the assumptive “Where can I get your book?”

Okay. It is time. While a lot has been written about Steve Jobs and Apple, not as much has been written about Bill Gates and Microsoft, especially in the hyper-growth years where we went from $50MM in revenue and dead last in every category (except MS-DOS (Microsoft’s “Disc Operating System” for those of you not familiar with the acronym)). And what a rocket ride it was! We used to joke that the experience we received was worth multiple MBA’s and a few PhD’s. We were “drinking from the firehose of technology life”… The work done at Microsoft and Apple in that period was monumental in changing the world. And watching it happen “from the inside” was an incredible experience… and one that needs to be shared. I believe the experiences are relevant and valuable today to all businesses.

Thank you to all who have encouraged me to write the book. For some of you that has been a multi-year process.


What would you suggest as the title for my book?

And for those of you who were with me at Microsoft or Apple or other influential tech companies during that time, which stories do you feel need to be told — either again or for the first time?

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