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Meet Coach Dar (and get her free ebook)

Darleen Santore spoke in front of 5,000+ at Origami Owl’s 2015 Conference in Chicago last week. Darleen helped Origami Owl grow from a new startup to over 65,000 distributors in less than 4 years! The autograph line at the event said more than “Executive who helped put this together.” The women of Origami Owl shared stories of how their lives had been changed and, in some of their own words, “saved.” That is probably why the autograph line lasted for over an hour. “Coach Dar”, as Darleen is known, is not only an inspiration to this group of women… she is coach and mentor to business executives, professional athletes, and more.

Darleen believes in “paying it forward” (she is Ambassador for Pay It Forward in the USA.) You can learn more about the global movement here.

Coach Dar has just published “Here’s the D.E.A.L.” filled with over 100 coaching tips and inspirational quotes. She is “paying it forward” by offering her book free for a limited time. You can get it at her web site, Coach Dar.com.


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