Looking Forward

This is a great time to be looking forward. Over the coming weeks I want to share some of the insights and opportunities I am seeing in the marketplace with a focus on technology, music and media. I am also going to present new changes in technology that make the way in which we connect and communicate more effective than ever before. And, while we’re at it, I want to draw attention to new enabling technologies coming over the horizon that promise to further enhance our capabilities.

The economy has effected virtually everyone I know in one way or another. Unlike the dot-com bubble burst, it has impacted virtually all sectors. And the impact has been global. A benefit of all of the upheaval and change – it has brought great focus and clarity for many. And, like all change, it is forcing decisions. I hope sharing my personal toolkit and experiences and highlights will be helpful to you and the decisions you face.

In the coming entries I hope to stir thought and engage in a dialog with you. What technologies and industry changes are driving you in a positive direction? Which ways of the past are you leaving behind? What tips are you finding helpful in moving forward?


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