Jonathon and Temprance
Jonathon turned 21 in 2010. After completing two years of University, Jonathon is taking this year off to determine the path he wants to follow. Jonathon is currently deciding between careers in computer science and…

Jonathon is moving to the Pacific Northwest in January to apprentice with his cousin, Darrell Morrison, who is a skilled artisan. Darrell turns ordinary walls into art with techniques including faux finishes and his own custom creations. Darrell has been sought by people and companies from as far away as Dubai and Australia and he is currently working on a project in Banff for one of Canada’s hockey elite. You can read more about Darrell’s work at his web site and imagine Jonathon doing this with Darrell:

The picture at the top of this page is Jonathon dancing with Temprance, Darrell and Janelle’s beautiful daughter, taken at Jennifer and David’s Wedding.

Jonathon - Rockband
Jonathon got all of his gaming genes from Susan. The two of them hold most of the records in the household record book. They’ve recently stepped it up with Microsoft’s Kinect. It is now common to hear jumping, laughing and cheering in the course of a normal evening in the family room. We will miss Jonathon when he goes out West.
Jonathon and Amanda
Jonathon and Amanda getting in the Christmas spirit
Jonathon and beverage
Taken at Sarah’s Wedding. It must have been root beer as Jonathon turned 21 in September.

Jonathon Gameboy

Jonathon Pirate


Jonathon car


Jonathon churro

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