Jedi Masters

The bug had bit me. I wanted music to be my life. I decided I was going to be a record producer. I did all I could to surround myself with music. I listened to it, played it, wrote it, shared it with friends and checked out every recommendation offered by them. I hung out at the local guitar shops to hear the best players, if only to catch a quick riff or two as they tried out the latest gear. I attended concerts big and small to catch the groups I enjoyed most and to hear the rising stars. I studied every record and live performance – noting the arrangements, audio production, writing techniques, and tried to assimilate all I could.


I took lessons from the local Jedi masters… Doug taught me the Blues. Tom taught discipline and technique. And John taught me to Rock! To all I owe a permanent debt of gratitude. I will forever be appreciative of their mastery and love of the craft.

John Hannah

John Hannah taught me how to play Rock n’Roll Guitar

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