iPad gets a failing grade even before it ships

The reasons iPad gets a failing grade even before the units start to ship are piling up…

Gizmodo does a nice job of summarizing the top reasons Apple gets a #fail on V1 of the iPad:


The joke on Microsoft used to be that they never get anything right until V3. Will Apple get V2 right? All of the “die hard gotta have the latest Apple device” people I know are saying “I’ll pass” and “We waited for this (announcement)??” for V1.


In addition to the items I pointed out in my earlier blog, no camera, no USB (without an adapter), no HDMI out, 4:3 versus true widescreen for video, and the list goes on… very disappointing to those who started waiting on a tablet product from Apple over a year ago.


Apple may get sued by MadTV. They came out with the iPad in 2006:


(Warning: It is a tad crude.)


The Kindle has a larger “deluxe” version. The “I’ll wait for the iMaxiPad” jokes have already started and #iTampon was trending earlier in the day on Twitter. It’s not often Apple is made the butt of the jokes. Strong sentiment is that iPad is more the “Son of Apple TV” than the heir apparent to the franchise.

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