Influencing Culture

One friend described it as a “religious experience”. My photographs from the evening have wound up as desktop backgrounds for several people I work with. U2’s Vertigo Tour demonstrates the power of music. It reaches out to every fan in the arena, in ways that few concerts do.

Even though I’d seen their previous concert by way of DVD, and even though the stage was set with the same sweeping ramps that put the band within the crowd, this was a new and much deeper experience. It was live, and it was more – it was moving!

U2 in Atlanta

U2’s concert moved me like few I have attended. It moved me to action. By the end of the evening I had joined ONE (Hyperlink:, the global Campaign to Make Poverty History. And since then it has respectfully moved me to add my name to the long list of people supporting new legislation that directs significant funding towards curbing AIDS in Africa. That legislation recently passed.

U2 text messaging invite

Through a simple suggestion flashed across the video projection system, Bono, Edge, Adam and Larry urged their fans to get involved by sending text messages. One little SMS message that connects them to the world. They crossed religious boundaries, engaging symbolism from Jewish, Christian, and Muslim faiths. A professed Christian, Bono used his personal relationship with God to energize him and reached out to his fans, sending a ringing message: “Regardless of your faith, ending poverty is an mission for us all.”

Bono and U2 are using their “platform” to influence and impact culture. Great music. Engaged fans. Fantastic entertainment. And a better world. Bravo!

We at PassAlong Networks hope to use our digital media platform to influence and impact culture. We have been able to work with Avril Lavigne to raise funds for children impacted by war ( We have worked with My Chemical Romance, Kenny Chesney and many other artists to aid those impacted by 2005’s devastating hurricanes.

What is your platform? How do you choose to use it?

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