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Inception – An Overview of Object Oriented Programming in Film

Spoiler alert – You may not want to read this if you have not yet watched Inception.

I just watched Inception over the holidays with Susan. It is one fine ride of a movie! I enjoy movies that make you think. I was originally going to watch it a month ago. A friend suggested I not watch Inception as a way to unwind after a hectic week. He was right. It is a way to rev up your mind.

Wired magazine suggested Inception with Leonardo DiCaprio is all about Filmmaking. (http://www.wired.com/wiredscience/2010/07/the-neuroscience-of-inception/)

As a Technologist, I feel Inception is about software development. The developer creates from ideas in their mind and turns them into reality. A great developer needs to be able think multiple levels deep and must be a great problem solver. Developers also need to hold a lot of detail, sometimes including complex architectures, in their mind. They are bound only by the creativity of their mind.

I particularly enjoyed the idea of levels, going deeper, processing at different levels, and “kicking” up to higher levels. This recursive approach to life in Inception is a nice overview for Object-Oriented Programming. In fact, if I was back to my computer science teaching days from Winnipeg (I taught programming on PDP11’s at Red River Community College for a term many years ago), I’d make this a required watch for an Intro to OOP.

I discussed Inception with my Tech genius friend, Kevin Benz, and he agreed on the Tech point of view. Two geeks watching the same movie came to the same conclusion. Not much of a surprise there. If you are a filmmaker, you probably saw Inception as Wired saw it. If code is your life, you may side with us. Regardless, Inception is a fun movie. Applause from this fan.


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