I heard my song on the radio!

Now I know how a music artist feels when they first hear their song on the air!

I had the pleasure of meeting in-person with David L. Hancock, CEO of Morgan James and W. Terry Whalin who signed me as they were in Nashville for a red carpet event for their authors. David mentioned that my book would start appearing on-line for pre-order. I searched while we were together and did not see it. I searched again the next evening and WooHoo!!! (I actually jumped and startled both Susan and our dog Paisley when I saw it.)

Thank you to Terry and David and the team at Morgan James!

You can now pre-order in the US and Canada! See MicrosoftSecrets.com

Many thank to many of you who have already placed your pre-order. Many fun surprises to come! Let me know what you would like to see in a private site for people who get the book. I have many archives and am deciding what to include on it. You can message me here in the blog or on social media: LinkedIn | Twitter @DaveJaworski | Facebook | Google+

Microsoft Secrets

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