How an iPad *can* give you multi-tasking and more – iPad’s “Killer App”

Want to run mail, calendar, contacts, the web and more at the same time on your iPad? 

One of the issues with the iPad is the lack of multi-tasking. It is limited in the same way that an iPhone or iPod Touch is limited. Many applications simply stop functioning when you switch away from them. In many ways, this opens a wide gaping hole for Google Android-based devices, Windows devices and Linux devices. Yet, before you close the door to the thought of owning an iPad, here is a way to make multi-tasking and more work. And it can work whether you have a desktop/laptop Mac or PC. 

Your Mac or PC already can do multi-tasking. They can also give you access to your files and information on the network where your desktop or laptop lives. Using an iPad to access your desktop or laptop computer, even when you are in a different location, requires a one-time setup, an internet connection and software from a company called “jugaari.”

Run Jaadu RDP on the iPad if you are a desktop/laptop Mac user. (

At the time of this writing this application is $24.99 in the App store.


Run Jaadu VNC on the iPad  if you are a desktop/laptop Windows user. (
At the time of this writing this application is $24.99 in the App store.


When you compare Jaadu’s products to GoToMyPC or any other applications like this that charge a monthly fee, the one time fee is worth it. I have used both of these applications extensively over a long period of time. I tested their competitors. They are rock solid and work as designed. If you are not technical, you may want to find a technical friend to help you with the setup. Or you can watch the videos at Jaadu’s site and reference the linked videos below.


Here are YouTube video demos of each of these:
Mac users:


    Windows users:


And here is a demo showing how to setup Jaadu VNC to work with your Mac:


Perhaps an iPad is an option after all…

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