Heaven Is For Real

When the book “Heaven Is For Real” came out a few years ago it became a national best seller. A young child’s encounter with God was relayed in simple beauty. That book is now out (this week) as a movie. I encourage you to see it.

As I think about Good Friday and what God did for us to show us His Love in the sacrifice of His Son, Jesus, I wanted to share an image from the book. This was drawn by an eight year old.

Prince Of Peace

This is indeed a Good Friday. Happy Easter! We remember what God did for us. We celebrate that He Is Risen!

We all need a savior.

2 thoughts on “Heaven Is For Real

  1. Jerry jo tray

    I recently saw the movie and it has me thinking, which I seldom do anymore . But I am wondering if the little boy actually did see the picture of Jesus (like in the movie) and said “YEP, THATS HIM .” Does anyone know if this really happened. J J

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