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GoTenna : How will you communicate when cellular is out?

Yes, I love technology. This is cool. Using the way radio waves travel to create a personal messaging network to cover up to 50 miles… with no cell towers or wifi(!!!)…

This is not only cool for disaster situations, hiking, skiing, inside large centers where cell service is limited, etc… it can be great if you travel outside the country, want a way to message your family even though you have no service or don’t want to incur per message charges.

A little rabbit trail… How many messages can one send? Our daughter Sarah sent and received more messages than all of us combined when we reviewed our bill several years back. THOUSANDS. It was hard to imagine how one could even send so many messages. So we got her a pair of sweat bands (like the kind athletes wear for the head or wrists) for her thumbs.  🙂

Back to GoTenna… You need one. You might. Except the time when you really need it will be the time when you may not have the opportunity to go out and get it. Just saying. I think this couple ounces added to your case or purse is worth it.

Learn more here. Let me know your thoughts and uses for GoTenna in the comments.


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