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Evernote Releases Presentation Mode : Multiple Uses

I am a HUGE fan of Evernote. (Over 16,700 notes and counting.) Most releases go buy and add worthwhile features.¬†Evernote’s latest release for the Mac is an “update immediately… this is fantastic!” release.

Evernote 5.3.0 on the Mac now adds a “Presentation Mode”. This is a feature with multiple uses. I will focus on two of them in this post…


(1) Support for multiple monitors is now included. This feature lets you present your notes on one screen and take notes on another. Yes, this could have been done previously with a double click on a note to open it in its own window. Presentation mode is better. Try it. I bet you’ll love it. Press CMD-OPT-Enter to start the presentation on a second monitor.

(2) FOCUS! In addition to Evernote becoming your presentation tool of choice, the Presentation feature is useful for your personal work. One of the big “distractions” while we work are all the other items on our screen begging for our attention. Even if you are full screen on an Evernote or working through a list of items, you are best focused on one thing at a time. One click on the presentation icon and you are focused. And, with dual monitor support, you can keep the main point in front of you while adding notes.

I make a lot of phone calls in any given day. The presentation “focus” is useful when you are in a call and referencing Evernote notes as a part of the call. Simply click presentation, press the space bar to advance through a note that is larger than one screen, and use the right arrow to advance to the next¬†Evernote note. Clean. Simple. Focused attention. I love it.

What about Evernote for Windows users? Evernote seems to lead with the Mac and then follow with their PC version getting the same features in the coming weeks (and sometimes months.)

Note: You need to be an Evernote Premium user to get the Presentation mode. (Less than $50 a year. It is worth it for this feature and the many other Premium features.)

You can read more about this great release on the Evernote blog. Night mode, laser pointer, and more are detailed here. Congrats to the Evernote team on a great and valuable release!

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