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This E-Commerce Book is a “Must Have” and “Must Recommend”

Looking for an easy read with ideas you can put in practice immediately for your E-Commerce? For less than the price of the coffee I just bought, this book provides great advice! I usually feel great about a book if I get even a couple actionable steps. This book is filled with actionable steps. The E-Commerce experience of the authors comes through and their clarity of presentation makes this book a “must have” and “must recommend”. Well done!

Crush Your E-Commerce Marketing

PS – John Price, one of the authors, is my son-in-law. John has built and sold multiple businesses already in his young entrepreneurial career and one of his current businesses has gone from $0 to over $4MM in 18 months. He ran social media for Vail Corporation’s Beaver Creek Resort and has continually been a “go to guy” on all things E-Commerce. I am excited to see the success he is enjoying and even more excited to see how he and his associates are not keeping their great information to themselves. You get more by sharing. Thank you for sharing!

You can purchase “Crush Your E-Commerce Marketing” here (Affiliate link to Amazon).

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