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One important trait of great leaders is decisiveness. Good decisions move you forward. Bad decisions do not. In the early days of microcomputers, I recall a former Ernst & Young Executive leader stating that computer technology would have a profound impact on businesses and the decisions they make… and not all would be good. The technology we all enjoy is indiscriminate. It accelerates the results of good decisions as well as bad ones.

I am a fan of Verne Harnish’s work. His book, Mastering the Rockefeller Habits (Affiliate link), has been gifted and recommended by me to many. I have it in old fashioned paperback as well ebook formats. Verne’s templates for planning have been used many times. And his regular emails are always read.

I was pleased to learn that Verne has a new book out to aid us all. The Greatest Business Decisions of All Time (Book / Kindle Affiliate Links) – with a Foreword by Jim Collins — is Verne Harnish’s latest book. Verne is joined by some of the top writers and editors at Fortune magazine. They share the inside story on 18 of the most unconventional decisions ever made in business – decisions that not only changed companies, but changed industries and even nations. The goal of the book? Spark important ideas to transform your own companies and industries. Here’s a link to the book site. where you can download a free chapter and read Verne’s six page Introduction. (Warning – video starts playing as soon as you hit the page… you may want to check your speaker volume before clicking the link.)  Jim Collins’ Foreword reads more like a chapter of the book versus a brief pat-on-the-back intro. In it, Jim talks about the most important decision all business leaders must make. That alone is worth the price of admission.

Enjoy! Let me know what you think. Here’s to inspiration and great decisions!

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  1. I think all decisions are made on basically to things: information and instinct. You don’t always have both, but the better each of these is, the easier it is to make a good decision. The X factor is timing!

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