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Dave and Susan Jaworski Family Update

Family Wedding photo
2010 was an amazing year in our home. We have so many blessings to count throughout the year!

On February 10 Susan’s Mom had heart surgery to replace her aortic valve. God answered our prayers, blessing her with a great surgery and recovery with no complications.

Dave’s parents celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary! We delayed all getting together to celebrate until July so all those in school could join in the festivities.

June – Sarah married John Price in a beautiful celebration. Words cannot express the love and joy that was felt all around. Our dear friend, Omar Hamada, led the celebration and exchange of vows.

August – Fr. Rick (Dave’s brother) was honored as he celebrated 20 years as a Catholic Priest with the Companions of the Cross in Ottawa, Canada.

October – A busy household in the days leading up to the wedding gave Susan adequate “cover” to have a surprise 50th Birthday party for Dave.

October – Jennifer married David Wright. 6 years of dating led to the engagement and then the amazing autumn day. Again, love and joy surrounded us. Our pastor, Fr. Mark Beckman, and Fr. Rick celebrated the wedding and the Sacrament of Marriage.

October/November – Susan refinished the entire deck in the back yard… one of the many steps on the road to the sale of our home (more on that in a minute.) In addition to Susan’s talents in the home including her incredible cooking (it is amazing that we are all not huge), Susan has made her handy Dad proud.

December – Dave works at Intero Alliance LLC as CTO. On December 1 we launched a global singing and talent search for Avon that runs throughout 2011 as Avon celebrates their 125th year. The Internet site we built operates the program in 62 countries and 37 languages! You can check it out at AvonVoices.com.

December – Prayer is a big part of our life. Throughout his year, Susan has prayed for her many friends as they have dealt with the ups and downs of life. Susan’s friends’ new baby, Alba, needed a heart transplant. Susan and friends covered the family in prayer and God blessed Alba with a new heart and an amazing recovery. Our prayers were answered again when Susan’s Mom had her third surgery in December — this one on her arm to replace her elbow. Omi recovered well and is completing her healing at home.

What an amazing year! We are so thankful for God’s many blessings in our life. Family and friends poured out so much love on us throughout the year. We love you all so much and pray for God’s blessings in your lives!

2011 has a lot in store already…

January – Sarah and John are moving to Beaver Creek, Colorado. John will be working the web site and social media for Beaver Creek.

January – And the exodus continues as Jonathon heads to the Pacific Northwest. Jonathon will join our daughter Amanda in being geographically situated in the Northwest. He is going to apprentice with our nephew, Darrell Morrison, who turns ordinary walls into masterpieces of art using faux finishing and plastering techniques.

AND, January – We are putting our home up for sale. The combination of our children moving out along with the realities of debt from the closing of PassAlong Networks in 2008, have us putting our home up for sale. This has truly been one of our favorite homes and we will take with us many amazing memories from our time in it.

AND, January – Time for more prayer as Dave’s Mom undergoes eye surgery. A second surgery on her other eye will happen in February. And a third surgery will be necessary after these two. We pray for God’s healing power for Dave’s Mom and her eyesight.

And that’s just January! What a change! A year ago we had five of the six of us living under the same roof in Franklin, TN. A year later it will be just Susan and Dave (and the pet zoo.)

This March, Susan’s Mom and Dad will celebrate 60 years of marriage! We plan to join all of Susan’s family in the summer to celebrate this great milestone and an early 85th Birthday celebration for Susan’s Dad!

We look forward to God’s plans unfolding in 2011. We thank you for your continued prayers, love and support for our family! May God bless you all in 2011 as He unfolds His beautiful plan for your life. Happy New Year!

David and Susan 2010

Dave’s parents with 8 of their 9 grandchildren at their 50th celebration! (Wayne was under the weather)
Dad and Mom Jaworski's 50th Wedding Anniversary

Susan’s parents with our expanding family! Sarah and Jennifer enjoyed showing Opi and Omi’s summer place at Lake Winnipeg to John and David.

Susan and David with Omi and Opi and family

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