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Driving without a Map – Personal Mission Statement

Not many of us would drive to a destination in a new area that we’ve never been to without a map. Yet that is exactly what the majority of us do with life. Many take the time to set short term goals. Yet few – very few – have crafted a Mission Statement for themselves. ... Read More

My favorite iPad apps

As many people are purchasing the iPad 2, it’s time for an update to my list of favorite iPad applications! Where possible, select the iPad version when there is one available (versus iPod or iPhone version.) First – The Top 10 List! 1 ) The Holy Bible – Search “YouVersion” – This program includes translations/versions ... Read More

5 Predictions for the Music Industry in 2010 (via @mashable)

Nick Crocker of Native Digital has a thought provoking article at Mashable today… I encourage you to check it out. It seems as though the first era of digital music may have come to an end. Napster died, P2P lived in some black market twilight zone, streaming services on ad-supported revenue were suffocated by unsustainably ... Read More

It’s All Fun

Too often we all take ourselves too seriously. In these crazy times it’s fun to see artists understanding that they not only provide us with great music… a concert can be that much more enjoyable (and a stress reliever) when we get to be in on the prank. Hats off to Taylor Swift as she ... Read More
The Power of LIVE Music!

The Power of LIVE Music!

My friend Elliott Cunningham of Westgate Marketing writes about the health of the music industry in his blog today. USA Today also covers the topic: Bands Warm Up for a Busy Summer on the Road. And the news of Michael Jackson’s death and the impact this has on the fortunes of the touring companies with ... Read More