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Influencing Culture

Influencing Culture

One friend described it as a “religious experience”. My photographs from the evening have wound up as desktop backgrounds for several people I work with. U2’s Vertigo Tour demonstrates the power of music. It reaches out to every fan in the arena, in ways that few concerts do. Even though I’d seen their previous concert ... Read More

The New Revolution

Approximately five years ago a survey was done of youth in all corners of the world. Teens and twenties were asked what impacted their culture more than anything else. Without exception, all of the surveyed countries had the same response. “MTV.” The media we produce and distribute all over the world truly does impact cultures. ... Read More

Mission: Impact

I am fortunate in that music has always remained an important part of my life while my career in technology continued to grow. Today I can truly say that the road I have traveled is one that has brought both of these passions together for me.   I have been fan, writer, performer, producer, engineer, ... Read More
Can’t Stop The Music

Can’t Stop The Music

Welcome to “Can’t Stop The Music.” This is about music, media, and the constant evolution and revolution that drives us forward.  It’s about the cast of characters that make up this rapidly changing landscape — the artists and creators, the major and independent record labels and film studios, the technologies and companies driving them, and ... Read More