Can’t Stop The Music

Welcome to “Can’t Stop The Music.” This is about music, media, and the constant evolution and revolution that drives us forward.  It’s about the cast of characters that make up this rapidly changing landscape — the artists and creators, the major and independent record labels and film studios, the technologies and companies driving them, and the legal players & policymakers. All have a role. I look forward to exploring and dialoging with you on the roles, attitudes, and the visions that move us forward.

From the beautiful sounds I first heard when my Dad demonstrated Grandpa’s Victrola wind-up 78 record player to today’s portable players, the technology has continually advanced. My grandparents could scarcely have imagined carrying their music around their necks in a device smaller than a stick of chewing gum, or carrying their entertainment around everywhere they went (Zens, iPods, and even cell phones!). Technology has always played a key role in the way we receive and share our entertainment. Developments along the journey liberate the current generation, offering fresh options and eliminating the obstacles of the past. Today we can receive and enjoy our music and media anytime and anywhere. And there is so much more to come.

EarlyGrandpa's Victrola Record Player

1900’s Victrola record player


The music evolves as well. And, as they say, “It all starts with a song.” The creation of and inspiration for the songs remains a God-given gift that flows naturally for some and is a labor of love for others. It’s about expression, statement, dialog, private reflection, mood, etc.  In this regard, the technologists who drive the industry forward and the artists that create the music are alike.


As this blog develops, my musings will cover a variety of topics and trends. Regardless of the desire of some to hold on to technologies past or present, to believe that there is one right and only way for things to go, or to fervently believe that the music can be contained and controlled, you need only look back to see how this has not been the case. With this historical perspective and the ever emerging ideas that expand, inspire and illuminate our minds, it is easy to see that you can’t stop the music.

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