Bravo! to Michael Hyatt, the Nashville Symphony, and Great Leaders!

Michael Hyatt has written an excellent article on Leadership following his recent concert experience with the Nashville Symphony. Susan and I had a similar experience when we went to enjoy Carmina Burana earlier this year. Our friend Terri Richter was the female lead (she was outstanding). We talked with Terri after the performance, noting how she and the male leads and the orchestra responded to the enthusiastic and passionate leadership of the conductor, Giancarlo Guerrero. She talked of the inspiration and emotion that they all feel working with him. We have seen many symphony performances. This evening was different. The enthusiasm and passion of Maestro Guerrero was contagious to the performers, the orchestra and the audience. Leaders inspire everyone they directly or indirectly touch.

“Bravo!” to Michael Hyatt on a great article. And “Bravo!” to all who lead in this style, inspiring their teams and everyone they touch!

Giancarlo Guerrero with the Nashville Symphony

Giancarlo Guerrero with the Nashville Symphony

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