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Bill Gates and Steve Jobs – Leave a Legacy / This is not our home #SteveJobs #BillGates

These are amazing technology industry times that we are living in… just looking at the past two weeks (just two weeks!?!)…
  • Google announced they are buying Motorola – Primarily as a “strengthen the patent chest to protect Android” move
  • HP announced they are departing the tablet and PC arena – a sign of the shift that is underway in the technology world to the next generation – some make the shift, others do not
  • Steve Jobs announced he is stepping down as CEO of Apple
Wow! There is no doubt that the industry is as competitive as ever. And there is also no doubt about the impact of two people on our world…


Bill and Steve together on stage at AllThings Digital just a few years ago




As many of you know, I had the pleasure of working at Microsoft from 1985 through 1993 as an employee and then again in 1994-1995 as a consultant. During those ten years we created and launched Microsoft Office and Microsoft went from dead last position in every category (other than operating systems with DOS) to first place in virtually all categories. What many may not know is I had job offers from Microsoft and Apple at the same time. I chose Microsoft because, at that time, Steve Jobs believed that the magic was all about the hardware. He later recanted that positioning to state that it was all about software and hardware. In 1985, Bill believed that software made the difference and no matter how great the hardware, software was what brought it to life. I had the joy and opportunity to interact with both Steve and Bill many times over the past 26 years. For that I am very grateful. I got involved in technology because I saw students at my alma mater, the University of Manitoba, using technology to better people’s lives. I have been blessed to see that reality brought to life in ways I never could have imagined over the years, largely with impact from the vision and leadership of Bill Gates and Steve Jobs.


Bill retired from Microsoft’s CEO position a few years ago to focus on the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Here he is continuing to impact world health and education issues. He continues to leverage the position he built in technology to make the world a better place.


Steve steps down this week and also leaves a legacy of impact on the world. “Think different.” He did. And now so do we.


To both I say “Thank you!”


One day we will all “retire” from this planet. We all have an opportunity to leave a legacy. Some will be huge like the impact Steve and Bill have had. Others will be small in the world’s eyes yet huge in God’s eyes. Check out Steven Curtis Chapman’s latest song “Do Everything” http://stevencurtischapman.com/updates/news/do-everything-official-music-video-678 if you want a great perspective on this.


I wish Steve health. I wish Steve and Bill a passion for God and Jesus Christ that exceeds their passion for technology. This is not our home.

One thought on “Bill Gates and Steve Jobs – Leave a Legacy / This is not our home #SteveJobs #BillGates

  1. Susan and I bought an Apple II+ on our honeymoon, following my brother Rick’s lead. Rest in peace Steve. Thank you for the innovation and inspiration. This is not our home.

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