Atlassian Buys Trello for $425 million

Atlassian, the maker of HipChat, JIRA and other collaboration tools, announced today that it’s acquiring Trello. Saying “I live in Trello” would not be an overstatement. It is my go to app for personal and professional management of getting the right things done. It is a key member of my “Project Management Trifecta”.

The acquisition is pegged at $425 million. $360 million of that is coming in cash and the rest is in stock. The acquisition is expected to close in the next few months.

As with any acquisition, the hope of all passionate users is “DON”T MESS IT UP!” And secondarily, “PLEASE KEEP IT GOING!” (versus integrating it into their other products and convoluting an otherwise great user experience OR, as others have done all too often, simply taking out a key player in the market and then leveraging the development team to do other things… and then shutting down the product.)

Trello is truly one of the most productive pieces of software in many people’s toolbox, mine included. Alternatives are rising from GitHub, Asana, Microsoft (currently for Office 365 Business clients only) and others. Yet, for 19 million of us, Trello has been our “go to” choice.

Congratulations to Joel Spolsky and the Fog Creek software team that birthed Trello and to the entire Trello team!

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