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AR and Holography will lead to the end of the Personal Computer as we know it

Augmented reality and holographic imagery will lead us to the end of the personal computer as we know it.

One example: Microsoft has been granted a patent for “Holographic keyboard display”. Read more here.

We use keyboards, mice, and other devices as input and interaction tools. We use physical displays to access our information. Visual perception of screens, keyboards and other input and output devices is what matters in these instances. The physical devices are necessary only because our visual perception technology has not yet been capable of providing a rich, stable and predictable experience… yet. All of that is starting to change.

New technology is enabling virtual reality, augmented reality, mixed reality… you get the idea. The reality of all of these technologies is we are soon approaching a day when the physical devices that we required to access and interact with our information will be gone. Gaming without a controller, popularized by Microsoft’ Kinect, has now entered our business world. It started impacting training applications. Then it extended its way to virtual presence, bringing an expert into a situation where they are needed and letting them interact in that location, even though they are physically in another location. We are just beginning to scratch the surface of the possible here.

The phone will disappear to an earpiece and virtual displays. And thankfully those virtual displays will not be limited to the size of a phone. In fact, many of the surfaces in our environments will become usable interaction surfaces. Watch this video from Microsoft to get an idea of a few of the possibilities.

The limitations of our physical devices will soon be removed, making way for new possibilities.

This part of our Digital Transformation journey is only one of the exciting opportunities now being unveiled. I look forward to sharing more aspects in additional posts.

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