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Applying Business Principles to Your Family Life

Louis Upkins will be featured on Focus on the Family on July 12 with the topic “Applying Business Principles to Your Family Life”. Louis is the author of “Treat Me Like A Customer” and President of The Lifebook Company, LLC. Louis also serves as Partner, Executive Development at GiANT Impact. GiANT operates the world’s largest one-day Leadership Development conference every year, reaching over 125,000 people in over 750 locations through “Leadercast” (http://www.chick-fil-aleadercast.com/).

Louis has spoken to major corporations and leaders around the globe on the topic of taking what we have learned in business to impact our homes and what we have learned at home to impact our business. You can listen via http://www.focusonthefamily.com/radiolu

2 thoughts on “Applying Business Principles to Your Family Life

  1. David,
    Hope you are well. Last night I came across BusyLife. I have been an Evernote user for a while using GTD principals. I really like it. However, combining Evernote/trello really looks like a great way to make it even better. Tried to set it up but not workimg. Can you help? You can use my email. God bless!

    • I followed up directly when the post was first submitted. I wanted everyone to know that we have gone through many updates and a complete rewrite of the core engine. If you use Evernote and Trello please check out BusyLife. It remains free to all users. Please let me know if you have any questions.

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