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Apple iPad – Now Available? And only $9.99!

Apple’s iPad announcement yesterday inspired many and disappointed others (myself included in the latter.) Thinking about what was actually delivered, it became apparent that some of the iPad’s limitations could be solved and the “product” could be made available starting today for only $9.99! 

Even as Engadget provided a live blog stream from the event (http://www.engadget.com/2010/01/27/live-from-the-apple-tablet-latest-creation-event/), our engineers went to work. In less than one day they were able to develop the product AND address one of the flaws of the iPad (pixelation of many iPod/iPhone applications when zoomed to double their normal size.)

ipad magnify
Photo: CONFIDENTIAL Sneak Peak image from planned TV advertising campaign
  • Screen replacement costs are reduced to the same costs as an iPod or iPhone versus the more expensive (and limited quantity) display on the iPad
  • Smooth zooming from normal size to sizes even larger that of the Apple iPad
  • Lighter than an iPad
  • More portable than an iPad
  • So inexpensive you can actually afford to have one at home and at the office (In fact, our marketing team is considering a “Buy one, get one” offer to promote it)
  • Fits in a purse or large pocket
  • 100% compatible with all iPhone and iPod applications
  • No software upgrade required
I could go on, however it would start to sound like we are bragging. The price is so reasonable, you can try it yourself to see if you can come up with more features and benefits. (That’s what the comment feature on this blog is for.)
“Operators are standing by. For a limited time, get a free cleaner for your screen – the amazing Sham Wow!” (just kidding)

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