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Benjamin Brannen has been working the indie band since since he was a teenager. It started when the indie band was his band! Then he started helping other bands. After graduating with a finance degree and working with Disney, Benjamin returned to his first love. Benjamin has personally managed Jonah 33, Bullets and Octane and others and has provided advice to those taking the time to ask. Check out the “About” information below. Benjamin is an impressive guy.

Benjamin has been a giver ever since the first day I met him. He shares information and, as a result, he has benefited from his “pay it forward” approach to life by also receiving great counsel from others along the way. Now he has decided to join the blogging world with advice for indie bands, smartly titled “” – check it out!

Many blogs are dissertations. On Day Two of his blogging, Benjamin is already engaged in a dialog with over 8,000 visits to his site and many questions and comments coming in just a few hours following the first posting. Benjamin’s goal is one we share: benefit artists and fans. This is one to add to your RSS feed list.

About Benjamin Brannen

Benjamin Brannen is founder and owner of both BCM and Ares Records. After working as a financial analyst for The Walt Disney Company’s corporate operations and real estate department, Ben took a leap into a creative position at BMG Music Publishing. At BMG, Ben quickly moved from an assistant to Manager of A&R in 2 short years proving his talent for artist acquisitions and copyright exploitation. He was an integral part in building BMG’s Rock roster, developing new talent, and placing songs with recording artists; one of which received a Grammy award nomination. Ben successfully provided the guidance and insight that led 3 unknown acts to major label record deals. Passionate about artists’ careers, and noticing a void in their development, Ben left BMG to form Brannen Creative Management and Ares Records.


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