WHY (My “Why” energizes me every day)

My passion is helping you and your organization achieve your dreams and potential. We all can achieve far more than we think possible. What is your “why”?


You work best with a clear vision and plan. You can benefit from proven techniques and tools to manage and tame your busy life. This applies to both your personal and professional life. I help people and organizations develop, activate and achieve their plans. What do you want to achieve?

WHAT (and WHO)

Child of God. Husband of Susan. My beautiful bride and I have been married 34 years! Susan and I have four awesome children, three equally awesome sons-in-law and three light-of-our-life grandchildren! Our family is Jennifer and her husband David and our grandchildren Elijah and Cecilia, Amanda and her husband Chris, Sarah and her husband John and our grandson Owen, and our son, Jonathon! We are blessed!

Serve people and companies around the world by combining my love of sales, marketing and technology and passion for creating, executing and achieving goals. Founder of Provident Ventures (Meta Media Partners LLC), providing services since 1994 to help people and their organizations reach their dreams and potential. We leverage technology, techniques, and processes to help you create and activate your action plan to bring momentum towards these dreams and goals. I have personally served a wide range of clients from multi-billion dollar companies like Microsoft Corporation to entrepreneurial start-ups.

I serve the following professional roles:

Meta Media Partners, LLC (dba “Provident Ventures”)

Meta Media Partners, LLC (dba “Provident Ventures”) : Helping people and organizations achieve their dreams and potential. Meta Media Partners, LLC was founded in April 2009 and is the successor to Provident Ventures, Inc., founded in April 1994. (http://metamediallc.com)

Our clients include (partial listing):

* The Lifebook Company, LLC – Empowering people to live their very best lives. Lifebook is Personal Development at its best. If you are passionate about personal development you MUST experience Lifebook. Lifebook helps you look at your life in 12 categories and define a plan for it. (http://mylifebook.com)  You can take Lifebook’s Intra-Spect Assessment here. I serve as the Chief Operating Officer for Project Double, helping Chiropractors double their business.

* Provincial Development Group (ProvincialDevelopment.com) is a professional services firm based in Nashville, TN led by Blain Wease. PDG assists small and mid-sized businesses to actualize revenue growth, enhance their leadership and navigate seasons of transition.

* MEND (YWCA of Nashville & Middle Tennessee): MEND seeks to make Tennessee the safest place for women and children. Meta Media Partners, LLC is working with MEND as both Advisor and Developer to create a rich Online Toolkit for Coaches of Boys in grades five to eight. There is a 911 call related to domestic violence approximately every 20 minutes in Nashville. 15 million children experience violence in their homes each year in the USA. In order to bring an END to domestic violence, it begins with MEN. MEND seeks to raise up a generation of men that will change the culture.

* ArtistFanConnect – Helping Artists and Fans Connect with each other and Causes to share music while benefitting others. ArtistFanConnect is releasing Kick-Finisher to help Artists reach and expand their fan base.ArtistFanConnect clients include Brent Bourgeois (http://brentbourgeois.com) and his Don’t Look Back album which benefits Julian Lennon’s White Feather Foundation to bring clean water to those who need it.


Board of Directors
2X Global

Mentoring leaders : Investing in emerging leaders so that their lives grow as deep as their skills and knowledge grow them tall.

See also: The TACTIC Evaluation (http://TacticEvaluation.com), TACTIC 360 (http://StaveTeamEvaluation.com), and Live Happily Ever After (http://LiveHappilyEverAfter.com), products of 2xConsulting, which support the work of 2xGlobal. Meta Media Partners, LLC creates all the technology used by 2X Consulting.


Advisory Board
Cure Violence

Cure Violence (cureviolence.org) stops the spread of violence in communities by using the methods and strategies associated with disease control – detecting and interrupting conflicts, identifying and treating the highest risk individuals, and changing social norms.


Board of Directors (through July 2014)

PNI Digital Media Ltd

Update: July 2014 – Staples has acquired PNI Digital Media. PNI continues forward under Staples’ leadership.

PNI Digital Media – Solutions for the Digital Lifestyle (http://pnimedia.com)

PNI Digital Media operates the PNI Digital Media Platform, which provides transaction processing and order routing services for major retailers including Costco, Walmart, CVS, Staples, Samsung and more. The PNI Digital Media Platform connects consumer-ordered digital content, whether from online, in-store kiosks, desktop software or mobile phones, with retailers that have on-demand manufacturing capabilities for the production of personalized products such as photos, photo books, photo calendars, business cards and stationery. PNI Digital Media successfully generates millions of transactions each year for retailers and their thousands of locations worldwide.




My Professional Journey

I have over 25 years of sales, technology, and executive management experience. I started with a degree in Computer Science and have spent half of my adult life on the Technology side of business and the other half on the Sales, Marketing and Operations side of business.

I was the third employee at Microsoft Canada, (we opened the doors when there were 7 of us.) I served as Microsoft’s National Sales Manager before being promoted to General Manager of Western U.S. Sales where I led the team managing 80% of Microsoft’s U.S. business. I was promoted to GM of U.S. Sales Operations and then led a turnaround as head of Microsoft University, helping individuals and large corporations implement Microsoft technology, and turning the MSU P&L from -70% to +14% in less than one year. I was blessed to receive the first ever Bill Gates Chairman’s Award of Excellence.

After leaving Microsoft, I served as VP of Sales for Arabesque Software where we developed, launched, and took the top position in Personal Information Management software with ECCO at the world’s largest software distributor, Ingram Micro. (This was prior to the launch of Microsoft Outlook.) We sold the company to Net Manage.

I founded Provident Ventures, Inc., and helped GTE (now Verizon) launch their business in new regions across the country with innovative presentations and an in-depth training program that was nominated for their Chairman’s Award – their highest honor normally reserved only for employees. Provident Ventures also launched “Unlocking Our Potential” to help individuals and organizations learn how to set goals, deal with change and achieve personal and organizational growth.

In 2000 I made my way to Nashville, serving as Senior VP and General Manager of Gaylord Digital, the Internet division of Gaylord Entertainment. We launched the Dixie Chicks first ever headlining tour, ran the largest Christian music store on the Internet, did the first-ever Internet broadcasts of the Grand Ole Opry, wired the historic Ryman Auditorium for web broadcasting, ran the independent artist network “Songs.com”, and streamed World Youth Day from Rome over Real Networks and Windows Media networks to the world. (You can see I love innovation and digital pioneering.)

In 2003, along with music industry executives and leaders from the Gaylord Digital team, I founded and became CEO of PassAlong Networks. We provided Digital Media and Content Management for over 200 clients including eBay. The store we operated on eBay was their largest inventory store in the world and pioneered large scale sales of digital goods on eBay. We also created patented and patent-pending technology for eCommerce and sharing music. PassAlong was the first company in the world to innovate and implement micro-payments with PayPal.

From 2009 – 2011 I served as Chief Technology Officer for Intero Alliance, building the Intero Lifestyle Network, a content management system and digital media store platform with extensive integration of global social media. Intero delivered a customized implementation of this technology to Avon Products, Inc., the world’s largest direct sales company. We operated this platform for Avon in 62 countries and 37 languages.

From 2011- 2013 I served as Vice President of Sales and Marketing for NetSteps LLC, selling the ENCORE™ solution to direct sales companies. ENCORE™ offered Cloud-based, Software-as-a-Service, Hosted Solution and Enterprise licenses. Representative clients included Natura, PartyLite, Beautycounter, Scentsy, Rodan + Fields and Synergy Worldwide.

Then the list of current roles, shown above, takes the career story home to this present day.



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