A new kind of Prophet… In fact, several of them… Internet Prophets

I am attending Steve Olsher’s “InternetProphetsLive” in Chicago. Brendon Burchard, Vishen Lakhiani – founder of Mind Valley, Jake Nickell – founder of threadless, Pam Hendrickson – former Tony Robbins leader, Mike Koenigs, Joel Comm, and more! Amazing list of speakers. And Lifebook is one of the sponsors of the event. What a privilege to be in the room with so many great marketing minds!

You need an extra dose of heartiness to be here this week as “the windy city” became “the flooded windy city.” Yet people have come from all over the country and all over the world to be in attendance. They have rented cars and driven when the major airports were shut down. Why? Call it a workout for your mind. Where do you have limiting beliefs? When in the presence of some of the best marketing minds in the world, what nuggets can you find and take home with you? (Short answer: more than enough to keep your brain spinning into the wee hours!)

I encourage you to start following all the speakers here on Twitter and Facebook. The list of speakers is at InternetProphetsLive.com.

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